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Kaszka MPY Yoga Instructor / Teacher
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Your Professional Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Practitioner

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Canterbury & Sittingbourne Classes

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Six Week Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Yoga Practice Course

Welcome to Mindful Pregnancy Yoga

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Mindful pregnancy yoga offers to support you on the journey that is your pregnancy.


With mindful pregnancy yoga you will: 

build strength

improve flexibility

relieve stress

learn breathing techniques


All things that are beneficial for both body

and mind through the art of mindful movement. 

With expertise built upon years of midwifery practice and additional specialist training as a pregnancy yoga teacher, Kaszka will safely guide your pregnancy yoga practice, focusing on preparation for birth and motherhood.

Mindful pregnancy yoga classes are available to all those who are in the second and third trimester of their pregnancy no matter whether you are a beginner or have previous yoga practice experience.

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